Customer Relationship Management

TrixCRM is a full blown solution suite to growth your business especially if your enterprise business specifies customers as your concern. Providing marketing and sales solutions with a lot of insight, perspective to make better products and services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology that companies use to manage their interactions with their current and potential customers. Build customer relationships and increase your sales and profit with better customer service.

Omni Channels

TrixCRM covers various channels:

  • Telephony system
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Web self care
  • Social media
  • Digital fax
  • Mobility
Social Media Engagement

TrixCRM provides social media engagement to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
Web Based Solution

TrixCRM solution suite is a full blown web based CRM solution covering operation to sales & marketing perspective.


Pre built in communicator:

  • Email / System / SMS / Mobility
Mobility Platform
  • Supports both Android & iOS
customer relation management software solution

TrixCRM Will Help You

TrixCRM is able to operate with many data points as your business insight. You can use this insight to make better strategy and plan that will grow your sales and services. Each business needs software for help desks that help productivity.

  • Streamline and Automate Processes: Customer can standardize business workflows and processes associated with operational marketing, customer support and sales, and thus improve coordination.
  • Make Smarter Offers: Recognize promising business leads, concentrate on those and increase the chances of conversion. Stay close touch with your prospects enables you to understand their needs better so your offers are more relevant and effective.
  • Improve Customer Service: Happy and satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal customers and come back more often. So, it’s really important to know if all of your customers are satisfied. Retain and reward recurring customers. Trix CRM platform is instrumental in terms of collecting data on customer satisfaction.
  • Increase Sales Maximize Customer Lifetime Value: Trix CRM lets you know important customer data such as birthdays, locations, age and industry, which you can use to personalize communication targeted offerings. With the right offers made to the right customers at the optimal time, you can make better deals, resulting in improved ROI. Understand your customers’ needs better and identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities to grow long-lasting and profitable relationships.
  • Work Remotely: Retain all users on the same page through a cloud-based Trix CRM system. Remote access enables sales and opertaional executives to check and update data on the go and work from anywhere.
  • Reduce Costs: You can quickly implement a cloud-based Trix CRM platform without any special installation and hardware requirements, minimizing IT costs and eliminating the need for version control and scheduled updates. Trix CRM pricing is based on the number of users and features needed, making it a cost-effective solution.

Ticketing Software and Helpdesk Management

Trix CRM provides ticketing software for helpdesk which is a product that customer service and teams use to serve employees and/or customers for achieving business goals. It’s built with a combination of out-of-the-box best practices and easy configuration and customization options to align with today’s evolving business evolving business.

Automate and optimize your customer support

Automate repetitive tasks and optimize your response time with fast result. Create automated workflows to accelerate your processes. Complete your daily to-do list even faster.

Alert Announcement

It will be able to post any latest or urgent announcement to notify users on the floor and receive or acknowledge on the incoming announcement seamlessly without any hassles.

Concurrent Consignment Management

Assign multiple tasks for a single incident request that is received. It allows you to link multiple sub change requests to the main ticket, as such only after all the sub change requests are closed, then only will the parent ticket be closed.

Action Management

It keeps track on all the activities and actions needed to be taken for a dedicated customer during the interactions.

Incident Tracking

Reduce service disruptions and load, meet your SLAs, improve productivity, and manage the entire life cycle of a ticket with better management.

Incoming Message

It provides and allows users the ability to receive and review each alert either email or sms before assigning the email/sms to a change request. This will eliminated auto-generation of ticket due to spam mail/sms that is received.

Web Self Care

This module is an independent and yet integrated module within the TrixCRM solution suite where it provides the touch point flexibilities for the customers to communicate with the helpdesk agents. It is a web portal where it allows the customers to directly create, track and monitor the incident/change/configuration.

Follow up

This module is an independent and yet integrated module within the TrixCRM solution suite where it provides the touch point flexibilities for the customers to communicate with the helpdesk agents. It is a web portal where it allows the customers to directly create, track and monitor the incident/change/configuration.

Email Management

An email ticketing system helps you convert customer emails to tickets, and compiles and organizes them in a single place so no customer complaint goes unnoticed. It helps you automate tasks, set up workflow and SLA rules, and monitor how many emails come in and how many responses go out.

Mass Closure option

To assist the agents to lodge similar incidents easily without having to create incident from scratch for similar incidents where the agents can only do it through mass incident creation.

Quick Menus

To assist the operation team to increase the efficiency and performance of the agents and also to reduce the average handling time for each incident.

Assignment Management

To manage the escalation of the cases to appropriate and rightful owner.

SLA Agreement

SLA provides an interface for the system administrator to create different Service Level Agreements for the escalation process. This will allow the administrator to set different SLA based on customer category, respond time, category, sub-category, priority and more.

Process Management

Is equipped with a workflow engine used to automatically notify users and internal staff on status of their change request, appointments, leads, reminders, follow up and more via email or SMS.

Account and Contact Management

To supports a full integrated and detail view of customer information. It’s allows you to map the customer organization structure and interlink customer ID with the change requests.

Reporting Management

It’s robust reporting capabilities to track and manage change support center performance and workload statistics.