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Boost Your Business with Our Innovative Ticketing Software Solutions

Make your business easily support your customer with our ticketing management module. Suria offers ticketing support systems that align with enterprise business to streamline your customer process and automated support systems from multiple channels. Our ticketing system is included in the Trix CRM all-in-one Customer Relationship Management software.

Trix CRM is an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management software and tool that support many features for aligning your business with customer needs. It supports many features such as a chatbot for automating your support systems and many more.

What is Ticketing Software?

Ticketing Software is a tool that converts all incoming support requests from multiple channels into tickets. You can prioritize, track, and select customers from one place. This will help your customer support team communicate better, and deal with issues more efficiently.

Some customers may prefer conventional channels such as phone or email, while others may contact you on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Regardless of the medium used for communication, the customer's primary concern will remain an instant reply and quick resolution. They will also expect you to track the progress of their issue (regardless of which channel they used previously to address their issue) and provide them with timely updates on the same.

Why Do You Need Ticketing Software?

Adding ticketing management system software and tools to your helpdesk system will make your agents work more efficient, here is some reason why a ticketing system will help your business:

Manage Customer Interaction From Different Channel

Helpdesk ticketing system offers omnichannel customer support features that make your agents more effective. You can manage interaction for faster solutions from many channels such as email, voice message, video, social media, in-app chat, etc. Your business will get social media management software for better management.

Boost Your Streamline Process

Make sure your agents focus more on their job to solve customer problems and automated your ticketing process with a simple step. You can automate ticketing systems such as solving and making tickets more efficient.

Easy Integration

Our solution can be integrated into Trix CRM solution. Your agents can access information that will be needed to solve the customer problems faster.


Reporting is one critical success for your business. With our ticketing management systems, you can access reporting dashboard with insightful operational data. You can make business decisions and create a better impact.

Brand Loyalty

With better ticketing management systems, customer experience will easily meet their expectations. The main purpose of using ticketing management systems is to satisfy customers. With customer satisfaction, customer loyalty will increase and will benefit your business in the future.

Who can use Ticketing Software?

Basically, ticketing management systems can be used by any business.

Ticketing For Small Business

Small Business needs more effective and efficient business process. With better ticket management systems your business can save more money and time. As an SMB, you can use excellent helpdesk management system to streamline your customer support process. You can take the redundancy out of routine tasks, and focus on growing your business through fast and responsive customer service.

Ticketing For Mid-Range Business

Build better communication and customer support within your Mid Range Business with ticketing management systems tools. With this tools you can build user centric product and services with more effective.

Ticketing For Enterprise Business

With a good online ticketing system, you can also ensure multiple supports don't run the same query and don't end up spamming customers with multiple responses to help enterprise business to achieve their goals.

Choosing the Best Ticketing Software for Your Business

There are several things to consider when choosing ticketing management system software for your business. The following are some important points in determining help desk tools:

Support type

Know in advance how your customers contact you? Do they contact you by phone, email, or do they prefer to chat with your agent on your website or social media? Based on the resources you have prepared for customer support, you will need to look at a ticketing system that is optimized to handle the different communication platforms you offer.

Ease of Use

As a business we want to use useful and intuitive helpdesk software. Ease of use will make it easy for your business to handle customer inquiries. A simple, uncomplicated UI will ensure agents don't have to spend a lot of time solving customer problems.


Check the features and ask yourself, is the price really worth it. Consider the price side according to your business goals.

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Features and Benefits: How Ticketing Software Can Help Your Business?


Automate repetitive tasks and optimize your response time with fast result. Create automated workflows to accelerate your processes. Complete your daily to-do list even faster.

Pre-Built Communicator

Build your own support solution with our pre-built communicator. You can automate your response for making faster ticketing systems.

Web-Based Dashboard

Access your ticketing management systems anywhere, anytime with web-based software.


More flexible with Trix CRM. It supports mobile applications on both iOS and Android.

Social Engagement Systems

Manage your social account and make easy integration to meet customer needs. Add Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp accounts in just one dashboard.

Enterprise-Grade Security Systems

Safe your data with the encryption process. Trix has enterprise-grade security systems for data saving.

Move Your Customer Support Management With Our Ticket Management Systems

In partnership with Trix, Suria believes that your ticketing management system is one of the spearheads to achieving business goals. With better ticketing management, your agents work in different departments to gather better information on the associated tickets. If you have many departments integration systems will be needed to run business processes more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Ticketing Software and Systems?

A: Ticketing software is a software solution that provides automated interaction management within any channel. It will be the solution for customer support representatives for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer questions and problems in a single intuitive interface.

Q: How do Ticketing Systems Works?

A: Ticketing systems record all incoming interactions from different channels, and create a ticket for each interaction. These tickets use by customers or agents to initiate the process of any inquiries at any stage of the customer experience.

Q: Is CRM Ticketing Systems?

A: CRM Software comprises ticketing systems that manage business customer databases and tickets in a single solution. Tickets are cases and problems that are submitted by the customer requesting a service, or solution for the products and services.