Mitel InAttend

Mitel InAttend: Phone Attending Software Solutions for Your Business

Mitel InAttend provides solutions for attendants and receptionists to perform more effectively and efficiently.

Receptionist busy with ther phone attending tools

InAttend able to achieve high-quality attendant performance especially for hospitality business with high volume traffic or high season. There are many features that will benefit your enterprise business, such as function integration, directory search, presence information, and message systems.

Connected Anything Within Your Business

Mitel InAttend gives some key benefits for your business, here is what will you get.

Dedicated Tools for Excellent Customer Services

InAttend has many dedicated tools and software for boosting the efficiency and productivity of employees. Full call control capability also provides access to real-time rich presence information for fast call handling.

Powerful Customer Service Functionality

Able to handle advanced queue and call with powerful directory search, the activity status of all contacts, call recording, and more.

Reduce Cost and Time

As a business, you need to achieve your goal as fast as possible. Mitel inAttend would be a good investment because it can reduce channel and end-customer cost with faster installation and configuration systems.


Based on open standard SIP, LDAP, and SMTP, InAttend would support a multi-vendor environment. No need to worry about integration with other tools and software.

Best Choice for Any Business

Phone attendant solutions for all customer segments. Fit for any business.

Mitel’s InAttend Other Features

  • Rich information displayed in search results
  • Search in multiple directories
  • Call queues and announcements with configurable setup
  • Support with softphone and hard phone
  • Reporting
  • Messaging
  • Customizable display screen
  • Configurable line state with Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Basic feature for call recording
  • Multi-language support

Attendant Solution With Scalable Access for Growing Organizations

Better and powerful SIP-based call and queue handling, contact search options, calendar integration, and more, Mitel InAttend is available as stand-alone or integrated with other Mitel’s products. Your business would be able to grow with small, medium, and large scalability as you wish.

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