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yealink video conference series vc200

The VC200 is Yealink's entry level video conferencing solution. This solution offers an Ultra HD 4k camera, with a 103 super wide lens and 6 microphones for live sound without noise. VC200 will integrate codec/camera/microphone/wifi/bluetooth and so on to support optimal communication and collaboration.


The VC500 uses several collections of solutions owned by SURIA. Using Yeastar TA Analog VoOP Gateways that connect telephones, fax machines and also PBX systems with IP telephone networks. With rich functionality and easy configuration, TA is ideal for small and medium-sized companies looking to integrate a traditional telephone system into an IP-based system.

yealink vc500 series
yealink vc800 series

The VC800 solution uses the very compact and reliable Yeastar TB200/400 (BRI-VoIP) offering 2 or 4 BRI ports for enterprises using an ISDN BRI network connection. Offers easy, cost-effective, and certainly flexible integration into any VoIP system and allows IP IPBXs to be connected to public ISDN networks.


The CP920 is useful for optimizing your conference room with Yealink's modern conference phones. Some of the features that include IP HD Yealink Touch CP920 will be obtained easily. A perfect solution that combines simplicity plus technological sophistication.

yealink video conference series CP 920
video conferencing Yeastar TG Series
Yeastar TG Series

Yeastar TG is a GSM/3G/4G series VoIP gateway that connects to GSM or 3G WCDMA or 4G LTE networks to VoIP networks directly and supports two-way communication. It is the best solution for connecting your Business IP based telephone system.


The CP960 is the solution to optimize your conference space with Yealink's newest conference phone, the Optima HD CP960. The device comprises the strengths of the Android 5.1 operating system with a user-centric design philosophy.

yealink video conference series CP 960