Voice Gateway Solutions

RUAG is a comprehensive solution and a highly advanced product to provide the best security for businesses. RUAG's products and services focus on operating activities that enable the network to run smoothly. One of RUAG's services is NEO service, which is able to integrate information, communication and management systems.

Tactical Access Node S – TAN S

PThe RUAG ARANEA TAN S is a semi-ruggedized, integrated voice and data router that enables interoperable connectivity between core networks and headquarters, detached ad hoc C2 facilities, and tactical mobile networks.Providing international military forces and security organisations with an essential foundation for today’s mission-critical communication infrastructure, the RUAG ARANEA TAN S is a compact, interoperable voice and data network access element for tactical communication systems.

Tactical Access Node T ‒ TAN T

RUAG ARANEA TAN T is an integrated voice and data router that allows unlimited connections for tactical networks. Designed for extreme field conditions making it suitable for optimal use for 19-inch rackmount systems in command posts or mobile vehicles.