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Connect customers to the right people to improve your business goals for the better. Extremely fast systems with quality service, technology that transforms your customer experience drastically improves. Suria brings Mitel products and services offering the best solutions for any business.

Enterprise Business Software Call Center
MiContact Center Enterprise formerly known as MiContact Center Solidus is a solution built for the MiVoice MX-One platform that supports various third party servers such as Cisco and so on. MiContact Center Enterprise is an integrated contact center solution that grows businesses without boundaries. This system is capable of supporting a single system with a scale of up to 15,000 concurrent agents in the corporate network.

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MiContact Center Solidus

MiContact Center Solidus is an integrated communication application for the purpose of modern interaction in an enterprise business.

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MiContact Center Enterprise

A solution that provides powerful applications to turn a voice-only call center into a multi-channel experience.