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ABBYY Data Capture Software Solution

Suria provides data capture solutions for businesses in Indonesia. We are automating your process to extract data from any type of paperwork for example forms, letters, surveys, or claims.

Our specialized technology can scan your documents for you, We use ABBYY OCR software to extract the data automatically. ABBYY OCR is an intelligence document processing software or content intelligent platform to capture, recognize, and learn document information such as logo, reference number, supplier name, etc. With this solution, your business will process data capturing at a higher speed than any other solution and software.

ABBY Data Capture Solutions

Features and Benefits

Enterprise Automation starts with a comprehensive data capture platform for acquiring, processing, validating, and delivering the right data to give actionable insight to the business.

Faster Data Processing

Processing any data that enter through any channel in any format. Automatically extracted, processed, and delivered, removing any manual processing.

Smart and Better Decisions

Get smart and better decisions for your business with fast data capture and processing tools. Accelerate your transactions and provide a quick response to your customers.

Better Data Management

Gain management report for the fine-tuning results, while ensuring end-to-end compliance with your business and security models.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Using natural language processing (NLP), our data capture solution can automate identification and extraction from unstructured, complex documents with structured documents. With this solution, you will reduce operating costs and human errors.

Data Validation

With machine learning technology, your business can easily be trained for continuous improvements and cost control. Critical data fields, content, and entities are identified, validated, and automatically processed according to business rules.

How Data Capture Solution Works

Suria offers data capture tools and software with a highly accurate, scalable document workflow platform. This solution will capture, classify, and transfers critical data from unstructured and structured documents to the right process engine. How our solution works:

Automated Document Entry and Collection

Data capture will automatically process all types of documents from files and scanners in a single flow and collect any data from office documents and image formats, email attachments, and any data.

Document Classification

Natural language processing will classify the documents with neural-based and sort the documents based on types, for example, driver's license, bank statement, tax form, contract, invoice, etc. You can make your custom classification such as invoices from vendor A by the text content and image patterns.

Recognition Process

Assembled into multi-page document sets and validated content automatically. Data capture provides highly OCR, ICR, OMR, and barcode recognition to recognize printed text. It will make comparisons against the database to build validation rules and compliances.

Data Extraction

Ekstrak data from a variety of documents such as paper or digital documents. There are many documents you can add to the database to analyze such as tax documents, questionnaires, credit applications, invoices, customer emails, and many more.


The verification state has one goal in mind, it will make sure data extraction matches the original documents. You can make it manual or automated using a verification station, an accessible web-based dashboard.

Data Exporting

Then our solution automatically exports data to different file formats, databases, and systems with user-define rules. This includes corporate file storage such as SharePoint, ODBC compatible databases (Oracle), ERP, and ECM systems to deliver data in legacy systems.

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